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Reproductive Psychiatry

In addition to general psychiatry I have extensive experience in the field of Reproductive Psychiatry, which means treating women at all stages of the life cycle including (but not limited to) pre-pregnancy and infertility, pregnancy, and the postpartum period.

Individuals I’ve worked with include women who...

...are currently taking psychiatric medication and are considering becoming pregnant or are pregnant

...want a psychiatrist with expertise in peripartum disorders to support and consult them throughout their pregnancy and into the postpartum stage

...have new-onset mood or anxiety difficulties during or after pregnancy

...are struggling with issues around fertility, role/identity change, spirituality or religion as they pertain to motherhood

If you already see a psychiatrist or therapist but you have questions specific to your current reproductive stage, I provide consultations in which I collaborate with your therapist or M.D., and might also include your OB/GYN, midwife, or other appropriate specialists to create a plan of care that is tailored to you. These consultations may also involve concerned family members or partners.

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